MALIBU, California

MALIBU, California

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Blackbean and cheese enchiladas; Eggplant and tomato bake; Almond & mushroom "paella"; Blueberry-apple coleslaw; Artichoke for Crostini; Fresh Pear & Apple Vegan Crisp..Photos of prep for delivery tomrrow

Vegetable Gumbo with black beans

Enchiladas with black beans.vegan

Same with cheese

Fresh tomato and eggplant bake..will be topped with 2 cheeses and baked at client's home

This is a delightful mix of marinated artichokes, garlic, lemon zest, mayonnaise, hot sauce and lemon juice, with be served on toasted fresh bread

Fresh Pear and Apple Crisp..vegan dessert made with rolled oats, cane sugar, apple juice and grape seed oil..almost GF too

Own made Whole wheat sourdough bread ( sugar, fat, salt & Dairy free)

The fresh chopped apples in a  dressing of apple juice, cider vinegar, Dijon mustard and grape seed oil..this is to dress the blueberry coleslaw

Mushroom base for the "paella"
Almonds,  whole grain rice with olives, smoked paprika and tomatoes to be added to the mushroom base at client's home and cooked in a  skillet

Fresh Blueberries are in the markets now and they are fabulously sweet, these team up well in a slaw, without onion..dress with the fresh apple dressing 20 mins before enjoying to allow the vinegar to break down the cabbage..also no salt added

These past few days have been very humid,yesterday we had sprinklings of very warm tropical rain.
Today is wonderful, bright blue skies, sunshine and temps in mid 80f's with an ocean breeze.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

base for panzella salad, empanadas with mushrooms and broccoli with raisins; Pasties with artichokes and mushrooms; Thai inspired pineapple of prep for tomorrows great summer menu deliveries

Base for the panzella salad..usually has capers and olives but client is salt-free, so cucumbers scallions, celery, tomatoes, lemon juice, cider vinegar, honey, dried basil, garlic, grape seed oil...client will add bread chunks at her home.

Pasties filled with artichokes and mushrooms with cheese also known as empanadas

Thai inspired rice with turmeric, basil, mint, carrots, peas, onions, garlic, chili flakes and pineapple

own grown and picked today

Broccoli with pinenuts and pasta; Roasted vegetables with polenta; Artichoke and Poblano strudels; Eggplant & mushroom veggie bake, Broccoli with raisins and tofu; Photos of prep for tomorrow's menu deliveries

Artichokes and vegetable filling for the strudels

Fresh Basil leaves with mushroom and eggplants for the bake

Roasted zucchini & yellow squash with tomatoes for the polenta

Previous 3 the vegetable bake

polenta for the roasted veggies

Broccoli with tofu & raisins

Broccoli with pine nuts for pasta

Cooking wonderful summery  and light dishes in  another we are in a drought and have water restrictions most of this years harvest will have been grown in pots as opposed to planted in beds.
As you might notice from some of the photos of my garden, the lawn is looking worse for wear.

I have also made 3 soups, a mixed greens and black eyed pea, a pasta e fagiole and also a minestrone.

Tonight I am baking the strudels, when it's cooler, and will post more photos tomorrow, most of these dishes may be served vegan by omitting the cheese.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cinnamon Raisin whole wheat sour dough breads; Artichoke and scallion quiches; butternut and tomato stew; almond-apricot oatmeal cookies; Fire & ice Potato Salad..Photos of menu prep cooking in a heatwave, 87F in the shade right now thankfully a cool ocean breeze is coming in

Fire & Ice potato salad (see yesterday's blog)

Sourdough bread dough and large raisins

Sauteing artichokes and onions for the quiches

Butternut Squash and tomato stew for pasta

Previous 2 the baked breads, dairy free, egg free and added sugar free

Quiche with no cheese instead using nutritional yeast

Apricot-wholewheat oatmeal cookies

Baked 9 inch quiche with cheese

Baked Mini Quiche..cannot brown them as they will dry out.

Very hot temps right now in Southern California and heat advisories all the way thru Arizona and Nevada ...116F in Palm Springs.
Now cooking in  a heatwave thankfully I am close to the ocean, which is important when cooling cooked dishes, down quickly.

Have a great week, and see you all again on Wednesday, John Nigel

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Here is a creamy and light potato salad I am not giving a recipe, just hints.

1) Cook the potatoes in their skins in salted water with mint added (fresh or dried).
When they are just cooked, remove from heat, and leave in hot water for 30 mins.
Then drain and rinse in cold water.
When cool enough to handle peel and cut into bite sized pieces.

2) Season with sea salt and ground black pepper to taste.

3) Add chopped fresh celery**, minced scallion, minced fresh mint and red chili flakes, (to taste)

4) Gently fold in 1/2 mayonnaise and 1/2 plain live yogurt*, don't use strained yogurt it is too dense.

(*instead of the usual all mayonnaise).
Mix well, folding in and then refrigerate overnight ..this is best made a day or 2 in advance so the flavors develop.

Serve with anything...this is fantastic!!!

** Variations

Add minced sweet onion (or if using regular onions,finely chop then rinse under cold water, drain well before adding to the salad, this cuts out the sulfur flavors); sliced and well chopped fresh fennel; chopped eating apple; walnuts, almonds, raisins & etc.

You may also add cooked and chopped boiled eggs, and any prepared mustard or horseradish sauce.