MALIBU, California

MALIBU, California

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pasta e Fagiole; Italian Vegetable soup; Roasted Vegetable couscous; Warm lentil salad; Whole grains, steamed; Roasted Vegetables;Almond-starwberry muffins; Bluecorn-blueberry waffles..Photos of The Vegetarian half of my menu for delivery Pre Valentines' Day Feb 13th

Sorry to have to report...we are having another heatwave in Southern California..high's in the 80f's tomorrow.

I am also going to be delivering my Pre-Valentine's day menu, & this year not a chocolate drop in clients are behaving themselves..This is by far the most comprehensive Mediterranean Diet Plan menu, this year ..fresh vegetables and lots of whole grains, barley, bulgur and whole wheat couscous!

The vegetarian part of the menu is:

Pasta e Fagioli in vegetables, tomatoes and  pasta and butter beans.
And a great Italian style vegetable soup..vegetable packed.

There are also roasted vegetables sprinkled with pomegranate molasses with whole wheat couscous pilaf.
Steamed barley, cracked wheat ( bulgur) below.
 And a lentil warm salad with thyme, capers, grape tomatoes, garlic and be heated and served with romaine lettuce.

The desserts are 
Blue corn-blueberry waffles

Fresh strawberry-almond, whole wheat, low sugar cupcake muffins