MALIBU, California

MALIBU, California

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Red Cabbage...the Purple Vegetables..mysteries revealed

 Red Cabbage
I have no idea why in most American markets this truly wondrous vegetable is so ignored.
It does not contain as much Vit A as green cabbages, but it is high in Vit C, & Vit E fiber, and it is sweeter than the green cabbage.
In most of Europe it is cooked with sugar and apples, possible with caraway seeds or dill; but I prefer mine as naturally sweet as possible.
Like Green cabbage it is a cancer fighter, ( fights breast cancer  and colon cancer in men) helps to de-stress the body; has agents that reduce stomach ulcers;and less cooked/raw is more beneficial than 

Beets..these are great for detox as they help the liver to cleanse itself.
Rich in Vit A, Vit C and fiber.
They can be eaten raw, in small amounts or cooked well as they are a dense root vegetable and sweeter than most. I always pre-steam mine prior to roasting so that they do not over cook their outer sides, in the oven.
The green tops are also edible either in salads or steamed.
Organic beets, their skin is edible, with conventional grown peel first, as any pesticides are just under the skin.
Also again if the beets are not hard and crisp..soak them overnight in cold water and they will freshen up, for cooking, the same may be done with any root vegetable prior to peeling 
The can be yellow, purple or orange/red 

Eggplants..when you buy them, look for the crispiest/hardest you can find, any sponginess proves they are not fresh, they should be crisp like apples.
Great anti-cancer vegetables; also has diuretic properties and good to counteract the effect of fatty foods; may also help lower bad cholesterol.
It is best to slice the larger ones, and salt..leave for 30 mins then rinse in cold water to remove any bitterness, before preparing for a recipe ( this is always true no matter what your recipe says, also good if the eggplant is at all soft before slicing). These may be white, purple or yellow skinned., the skin on eggplants is edible.

I mention these vegetables as they do seem to be overlooked in most California markets and they are wondrous, and cabbage should feature in your meals at least 3 times a week for good health.

On Thursday these vegetables are being featured:

Red cabbage in a stir-steam side dish with ginger root, garlic and chickpeas...dense and hearty

A pasta dish with ricotta cheese, pine nuts and and flavorful

Roasted beets with pomegranate molasses and pumpkin seeds..sweet and sour

So please experiment with the much maligned vegetables, they are economically priced and available now